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Superintendent of Public Instruction, Oregon

Susan Castillo.jpg
Susan Castillo

Lt. Governor, Texas

Linda Chavez Thompson.jpg
Linda Chavez Thompson

State Representative, District 5, Colorado

Crisanta Duran.webp
Crisanta Duran

State Assembly, District 28, Nevada

Lucy Flores.jpg
Lucy Flores

State Senate, District 3, Colorado

Angela Giron.jpg
Angela Giron

Chino Valley School Board, California

Irene Hernandez Blair

State Representative, District 16, Arizona

Cristy Lopez.jpg
Cristy Lopez

State Assembly, District 79, California

Pearl Quinones.jpg
Pearl Quinones

State Representative, District 4, Colorado

Amber Tafoya.jpg
Amber Tafoya

Seeking a PODER PAC Endorsement?

The endorsement process has several levels of vetting to ensure that PODER PAC is supporting viable federal candidates. Candidates who apply for a PODER PAC endorsement should be Pro-Choice Democrats running for Congress with a demonstrated support for the Latino community. In addition, candidates will be evaluated based on their application answers, interviews, and any additional information such as polling data, endorsements, and news coverage of their race.



Work in Progress

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