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U.S. Congress

Annette Taddeo

Texas State Representative

Diana Maldonado

California State Representative

Fran Florez.png
Fran Florez

California Supreme Court

Linda Yanez.jpg
Linda Yanez

School Board
San Francisco, CA

Mary Hernandez- (School Board San Francisco, CA).jpg
Mary Hernandez

Mayor of Riverbank, CA

Virginia Madueno- WON (Mayor of Riverbank, CA).jpg
Virginia Madueno

LAUSD, CA School Board

Nury Martinez- (LAUSD, CA School Board).jpg
Nury Martinez

TX NISD - School Board

Layer 2.png
Lorena Gonzalez

Austin, TX City Council

Perla Cavazos (Austin, TX City Council).jpg
Perla Cavazos

Montgomery County, MD Council

Nancy Navarro- (Montgomery County, MD Council).jpg
Nancy Navarro

Seeking a PODER PAC Endorsement?

The endorsement process has several levels of vetting to ensure that PODER PAC is supporting viable federal candidates. Candidates who apply for a PODER PAC endorsement should be Pro-Choice Democrats running for Congress with a demonstrated support for the Latino community. In addition, candidates will be evaluated based on their application answers, interviews, and any additional information such as polling data, endorsements, and news coverage of their race.



Work in Progress

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